About us

When it comes to fiduciary services, security, trust, agility and transparency are fundamental principles for those who perform them.

After over 20 years of experience in this market, S3 (Santander Securities Services) joined Caceis in 2019, forming a strategic partnership and becoming one of the largest global players in Asset Servicing: S3 Caceis.

In addition to the commercial synergies, the company is the result of the union of two of the largest international banking groups: Credit Agricole and Santander.

With the mission of transforming the bureaucracy of fiduciary processes into something much simpler, we currently have a wide coverage of services and an extensive portfolio of products.

We work with solutions and with specialized professionals and, due to our global presence, we have a competitive position in Latin America.


International Presence

Synergy with other geographies and strategic positioning – LatAm.


Volume of contracts and providers from the perspective of Grupo Santander and Caceis.


Constant investment in innovative solutions to ensure the excellence of our services, in addition to making the interaction with our clients and investors more flexible.

One stop shop

Easy access to relationship areas and products: Treasury, Corporate Bank, Cash Management, Private Bank, Currency Exchange, Brokerage and Asset Management.

Knowledge and market experience

Professionals with practical experience, technical knowledge and a focus on anticipating customer needs, regulatory trends and the best market practices.