Services and Products


1. Fiduciary Administration

  • Periodic economic-financial evaluation of private credit issuers.
  • Centralization and standardization of investment fund regulations.
  • Coordination of corporate and contractual processes involving investment funds.
  • Monitoring of brokers used in fund operations.
  • Monitoring of individual funds’ Liquidity Risk
  • Due diligence for external managers.

2. Distribution

We work with the distribution models:

  • Distribution carried out by Santander Securities Services, with structured KYC processes, registration and monitoring of the customer base.
  • Third party distribution, applying Due Diligence and contracting by SC.
  • Direct distribution or Account and order: structure and operational scale to serve both types of distribution.

All models have processes through digital platforms:

  • Digital Registration: portal for interaction between SC, providers and investors, for an agile, practical registration experience with digital signature.
  • Provider Portal: a single communication channel that will allow requests for corporate acts, exchange of information, submission of documents and follow-up of demands with SC.

3. Qualified custody

  • Centralized custody for investment funds and portfolios, including physical and financial settlement and asset custody.
  • Handling instructions for moving and managing event information associated with assets.
  • On-line management and monitoring of the cash of investment funds.
  • Daily reconciliation of assets and assets positions.

4. Representation 4373

  • Custody and Legal Representation Services supported by Resolution CMN 4.373 and ICVM 560.
  • Integrated solution of services linked to the activity, with the structure of Santander Bank, i.e., Broker, F/X, etc.
  • Global system with open architecture, capable of handling the most varied types of operations in the local market.
  • Centralized and specialized team to serve foreign customers.
  • Service to different types of structures and customers: Collective and Proprietary accounts.
  • Market information, providing relevant market information.
  • Support to corporate event and proxy voting processes.

5. Controllership

  • Dedicated service to the insurance company.
  • Asset and Liability Control.
  • Asset pricing in portfolios.
  • Fee and expense provisioning.
  • Web platform for accessing information on liabilities and their positions.
  • Management of accounting procedures.
  • Quota processing and calculation.
  • Disclosure of fund portfolio profitability.

6. Middle Office Offshore

  • Operational execution structure to support managers who access the international market.
  • Interface and relationship with managers and counterparties.
  • Submission of trades to NAV Calculator, Prime Brokers and Markit (IRS).
  • Reception, pre-matching and monitoring of 100% of trades.
  • Trade Affirmation & Confirmation.
  • Support for managers’ questions.
  • Transfers, payments and settlement of transactions.
  • Reconciliation and control of account balance.
  • Proactive action on inconsistencies during the entire process.
  • Process improvement and break resolution.
  • Assistance with audit information and questions.


1. Managed portfolio

  • Personalized service platform.
  • Open investment architecture for all asset types.
  • Custody centralization.
  • Web tool for registering transactions and consulting information reports: position reports, movement and trading notes.
  • Collecting taxes and issuing the Income Report.

2. 555 Fund

Treatment and control of the specifics of all classes of funds, with a control tool and framework of Mandate restrictions and Regulatory Norms.

  • Partnerships with global platforms for investment abroad.
  • SANTANDEROPER web platform for billing and querying information, with configurable access chains.
  • Integration via web services for asset and liability transactions.
  • Automatic solutions for zero cash, with funds with lower fees than the competition and better returns.
  • Monitor the cash of investment funds.

3. Equity investment fund

We work with structures of Endowment Funds and Investment Entities.

  • Customization of structures for different types of investment.
  • Team dedicated to product service.
  • Robust process that adheres to regulatory standards for evaluating investees.
  • Agility in the process of structuring the fund.
  • Track record and proven leadership.

4. Investment fund in credit rights

We work with FIDC structures for Infrastructure and Corporate Credit, Utilities, Agro, Industry and Single-source Commerce, Financial and Real Estate.

  • Complete solution for Fiduciary Administration, Custody and Controllership of assets and liabilities.
  • Integrated platform with Banco Santander’s Cash Management products.
  • Internal structure for monitoring ballast.

5. Cash Fund

  • Range of funds available at SC, with lower management fees than the competition and with better profitability.
  • Option of automatic zeroing service in the funds, for operational agility on a daily basis.
  • Access to other Santander Asset Management funds.

6. Property investments

  • Allocation funds in securities assets (CRI, LCI, LH and FII Quotas).
  • Allocation funds in real estate assets with the objective of Income and Sale (property ready with the objective of gains through lease and sale).
  • Mixed Allocation Funds (strategy that can include the different types of funds above).

7. Offshore Investments

Governance Process for approval of offshore Providers: RTA, NAV, Broker etc.

  • Flexibility in the information exchange process.
  • Autonomy of analysis of new partners, according to the customer’s preference.
  • Expansion for local fund allocation in international market assets and funds, through partner global providers.
  • Morgan Stanley: Globally recognized for the settlement, custody and trading of assets abroad.
  • AllFunds: Platform with an extensive list of funds and managers in the offshore market.
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